Learning a language is experiencing the excitement of discovery, especially for young children. Therefore, children who enrol in our language courses will learn French through fun and entertaining games. They will be able to talk about themselves, their family, their interests and their favourite activities. Children will learn and open themselves to new horizons by discovering French culture and civilization.


Children will learn to foster and develop a taste of French language. Foreign language learning should start at an early age because the brain is most receptive to taking in new information about the particular features of the language. Our teaching methods are based on the communicative approach which encourages children to express themselves freely. Our courses offer your children an efficient and targeted learning of the language by combining fun, entertainment and learning, all in a friendly and playful atmosphere.

Age : 5-6 years
Frequency : A 1h30 course, twice a week
Duration : 7 weeks
Method : “Let’s go to the circus” (Klett)



Children learn to communicate in French with ease, confidence and clarity in situations addressing their specific needs and interests. The courses have been tailored to enhance children’s audio and reading skills, improve their oral and written expression, and develop their grammatical skills. As part of their teaching strategies, our instructors use books, audio files, DVDs, and computers. They also encourage children to perform some other practice activities such as singing and playing games.

Age : 7- 11 years
Frequency : A 1h45 course, twice a week
Duration : 7 weeks
Method : “Tip Top” (Didier Edition – French as a Second Language)



Our youth courses are based on an active, dynamic and interactive teaching method featuring a wide range of subjects that will both capture and hold teenagers’ interests. They offer a variety of classroom activities designed to encourage communication and motivate teenagers throughout their learning of the language.

Age : 12-17 years
Frequency : A 2h course, twice a week
Duration : 7 weeks
Method : “Why not !” (The house of languages)